New Kids Meal rolls out Today!

Now your entire family can enjoy the fresh, authentic tastes of Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Satisfying young tastes buds is easy with our 4 new Kids Menu Items, each served with a choice of Garbanzo’s chips, seasoned rice or apple slices:

  • Grilled Cheese Pita
  • PB& J Pita
  • Chicken – or – SteakĀ  Rice Bowl
  • 1/2 Stuffed Pita

Each meal was crafted with kids in mind and was made with the same quality ingredients that you have come to expect from us. Bring your kids in to enjoy these new menu items, and let us know what you think by sharing your comments here!

One Response to “New Kids Meal rolls out Today!”

  1. Alaina says:

    Thank you! Now my 5-year-old will enjoy eating there as much as we do!