Mediterranean Cooking Demo Recipes

While visiting Chef Aviad Furman was here in September, he put on quite a show demonstrating a three-course authentic Mediterranean meal for an audience of Garbanzo guests. We have his recipes here and are so excited to share them with you! Make them at home at let us know what you think.


Lamb Kabob with Farmers Salad: ( Serves 6)


Lamb Kabob:


500 Grams           Ground Beef (80/20)

50 Grams              Ground Lamb Fat (grind frozen)

25 Grams              Chopped Cilantro

25 Grams             Chopped Parsley

3 Grams               Cumin

2 Grams               Ground Coriander

1 Gram                 Tumaric

4 Grams               Paprika

2 Grams               Black Pepper

25 Grams             Chopped Fresh Garlic

6 Grams               Salt

60 Grams             Finely chopped yellow onion


Farmer’s Salad:


Half                        Green Cabbage (Medium size) cut into 1” x 1”

Half                        Red Cabbage (Medium size) cut into 1” x 1”

2                              Tomatoes (Large) cut into 1” x 1”

1                              Cucumber (Large) cut into 1” x 1”

6                              Radish sliced

1                              Carrot (Large) shredded

20 Grams             Fresh Oregano chopped

½                             Head of Romaine Lettuce cut into 1” x 2”

1                              Red Pepper (Large) cut into 1” x 1”

Taste                     100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, and Fresh Lemon Juice



Lamb Kabob: Chop the onion and garlic finely and place in a bowl, add the parsley and cilantro, chopped, and add all the dry spices. Finally add the lamb fat and ground beef (20 \ 80) and mix well. Form into a uniform ball and cook on the grill.

Tip: Grind the lamb fat frozen in food processor with grater knife.


Farmers Salad: Chop or shred all vegetables and stir in oregano. Add extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh lemon juice to taste.

Tip: You can add all types of vegetable to this salad, depending on what you love.


Moroccan Salmon with Couscous: (Serves 6)



500 Grams           Couscous small or medium (follow the cooking procedure on the bag)


Salmon in Moroccan Sauce:

1,200 Grams        Salmon Filets

8 Tbs                       Canola Oil

1 tsp                        Salt (or by taste)

¼ tsp                      Cumin

¼ tsp                      Tumeric

1 Heeping Tbs      Paprika

2 each                    Tomatoes (cubed)

3 each                    Celery sliced

2 each                   Carrots sliced

1 each                   Red Bell Pepper sliced

1 each                   Red Chili Pepper (hot) sliced; more if more heat is desired

10 each                 Garlic Cloves (sliced)

½ each                  Lemon (zest only)

2 Cups                    Water

170 Grams           Tomato Paste

1 bunch                 Cilantro chopped



Heat Oil; When oil is hot, add all spices (paprika, turmeric, salt, cumin, garlic and red chili pepper).  Then add tomatoes, celery, carrots, and red bell peppers.  Coat all vegetables with oil.  Then add tomato paste, water and ½ bunch of cilantro.  Boil the mixture for 5 to 7 minutes.  Add salmon filets to sauce and cover.  Be sure that the salmon filets are submerged in the sauce.  Cook for another 20 minutes in boiling liquid.  Add the other ½ bunch of cilantro, turn off heat.  The salmon is ready to be served over the couscous.


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  1. BettyAnne says:

    What was the special hot sauce (that was more for flavor than heat) that Aviad put in the Moroccan red sauce?
    Loved the taziki drizzled over the lamb burgers … is there a recipe?
    ALL was so DELISH, that I am still talking about it!
    THX all.